Educators and Professionals

Three to five children out of every classroom have vision problems that can affect learning, reading, and overall school performance.  Most of the time parents, teachers, doctors, and especially the children have no idea they are seeing any different than anyone else.  So many of these children suffer needlessly and do not reach their potential.

We need your help.  We know that not only parents, but teachers, pediatricians, school nurses, counselors, and administrators know when a child is struggling and reach out to help.  We are here to give you tools to know when it may be a vision problem and where to go to get answers.

Our doctors often go to different groups to conduct workshops to train educators and professionals how to assess, test for and distinguish visual conditions that keep children from doing well in school.  In this hands-on workshop you’ll have the opportunity to practice tests on other participants and ask questions.

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Here are some links to additional Vision Therapy resources, including research and learning materials.