Carrie Hall

Carrie Hall Carrie Hall, one of our Vision Therapy Specialists, was born and raised in Yakima, WA.  After graduating from Riverside Christian School, she began studies in English Literature in the honors college at Seattle Pacific University.  Two years later, she transferred to Central Washington University in order to change her focus to Psychology.  While studying there, she took part in the Collaborative Lab Classroom at Children’s Village, which centers on primary learning for children in the autism spectrum.  After graduating from CWU, Carrie rejoined SPU’s English department to study literature once again for 10 weeks in the British Isles.  She then returned home to Yakima and was married in August 2010.  

Carries’ knowledge of developmental psychology has been a tremendous asset to her work now as a vision therapist.  Her work with children in the Collaborative Classroom gave her a profound joy and love for helping children succeed in areas that had previously overwhelmed them.