Vision Therapy has Improved My Life

Vision therapy has improved my life. I didn’t realize what a difference it made until I looked back at my writing when I first started therapy. It took me a lot longer to write and my hand would get cramps. I put so much pressure on my pencil to get the feel of the letters. I also had trouble with letter reversals. Today, writing is much easier and my grades have improved. I was even awarded a certificate for Academic Achievement for having the highest grades in my class last year.

The other big area of improvement for me was athletically. I am more aware of my surroundings and my hand-eye coordination has gotten so much better. I used to have trouble judging distance when I was catching a ball, but now I enjoy going out and throwing the football around with my dad.

I think vision therapy was worth all the work I put into it and I’m happy to be able to write “my success story.”


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