Certain types of vision problems can mimic or complicate ADHD. Four out of five classroom hours involve doing near vision work less than an arm’s length away from a child’s eyes. Many children and adults cannot handle such intense, prolonged near vision work. Presented by Dr. Benjamim C. Winters . At Washington Vision Therapy Center, 3909 Creekside Loop, Suite 150, Yakima (In Creekside Business Park, adjacent to Pediatric Dentistry), on Thursday, January 19 at 7:00 pm.  Free.  Call (509) 654-9256 to RSVP.


I am so happy with my new life

Dear Vision Therapy,

 Thank you all for helping me with reading and math. I am doing great in school. I have A’s and B’s. You guys helped me with my school academics. I love your trampoline in your building, it is very fun to play on. Thank you Emmily for letting me be on the trampoline while you were talking to my mom when she was at work, and I was doing vision therapy. I miss coming to therapy because you guys are nice and funny. I am doing well in sports too. I can hit all the baseballs I want and make all the baskets in my basketball games. You guys have helped me with my confidence too. I do not feel embarrassed in school anymore. My friends and I cheer at school sometimes and play on the monkey bars. I am so happy with my new life. Thank you again.