Above and beyond what we ever imagined possible!

When our son was very young, we noticed that he had trouble doing certain things such as riding a bike, learning to swim, and looking people in the eye. When he started school, the real problems began to show up in his inability to read, write legibly and transfer words from the board to his paper. His 2nd grade teacher was completely baffled by the work he was turning in. He wasn’t improving in spite of extra help from tutors, summer school, and reading intervention programs. Nobody seemed to have any answers for us. We finally took him to have his vision checked, and that’s when we met Dr. Winters. He noticed immediately that his eyes weren’t tracking together. After only a couple months of vision therapy, we noticed huge improvements in several areas! Now that he has completed his therapy, the changes in our son are way above and beyond what we ever imagined possible! He is able to ride his bike, hit a baseball very well and play catch without the fear of the ball hitting him in the face. He has become a good swimmer, and his school work gets better and easier almost daily. He reads smoothly, writes legibly, and spelling tests are no longer a nightmare for him! He is much happier now and feels like a successful person. If you meet him and shake his hand, he will look you in the eye with confidence! Thank you so much Dr. Winters, Dr. Copeland, and all of you at the Washington Vision Therapy Center!! You are truly a blessing to this community.