“After 6 months of Vision Therapy, my son is a different child and a different student”

February 24, 2011
Letter written by the mother of 13 year old patient

From the time my son started reading he would get headaches.  I could tell at the end of a school day how much reading and focusing he had done that day. On the days that he had to focus more he was jittery and could not sit still.  He would have headaches that were of migraine intensity, complete with vomiting.
We spent years taking him to doctors and specialists.  We had tests done to see if we could figure out how to help him.  At his annual eye exam at the age of 13 we visited Dr. Winters for the first time.  Dr. Winters diagnosed him with Convergence Insufficiency and suggested Vision Therapy.
After 6 months of Vision Therapy, my son is a different child and a different student.  He has had 2 headaches in the 7 months since starting Vision Therapy, which is a vast improvement from the 3 or 4 a week that he had been experiencing.  I thought he was just an awkward gangly boy that would someday grow into his body and his big feet.  Now, after Vision Therapy he has gained grace and coordination.
My son started Vision Therapy in the summer and for the first time my son learned to water ski, though he had been trying for 3 years.  He also gained the confidence to try out for the football team and earned a spot as a receiver.  He had the confidence to negotiate the price of a snowmobile helmet from a dealer at the snow show.  He also negotiated the price of a snowmobile for himself, this from the kid who before Vision Therapy would hide behind his parents without saying a word.  During his first snowmobile ride of the season on his new machine, my son displayed balance, fast reaction times, and skill that he had not shown in the previous 3 years of riding.
After witnessing firsthand the change Vision Therapy has made in my son, I am a FIRM believer in its benefits.  I encourage you to research Vision Therapy and talk with your eye care professional about the benefits that Vision Therapy may offer to you or a loved one.

Reading has been a struggle for my daughter since early childhood.

Reading has been a struggle for my daughter since early childhood. She was able to read larger words, but words of 3 letters or less were skipped over. Her difficulty with math arose when she had to write out problems; her numbers would not line up correctly. After 6 years of eye doctors telling us her eyes were fine, we found Washington Vision Therapy Center.

During the WA VTC Workshop, I cried as all the areas my daughter struggled with were described and explained by Dr. Winters. Since starting Vision Therapy, she is able to line up her numbers for math problems and has advanced one and one half grade levels in reading. After 8 months of Vision Therapy, my daughter’s eyes move together flawlessly.

We thank God for Washington Vision Therapy Center and for all who work there. If not for these people, my daughter would have needlessly struggled her entire life with vision problems that were correctable!

Dr. Copeland has helped me become a better baseball player by opening up my visual capacity to limits I didn’t know I had.

As a baseball player, vision is a huge part of my game. I never knew how much improving my vision could boost my level of play.  After going through Dr. Copeland’s program, I was experiencing things I never had before.

I was able to see the spin of the ball quicker and hold it longer than ever before. I used to lose sight of the ball as it was coming to the plate, but with Dr. Copeland’s help I am seeing the ball the whole way now. In the outfield I am able to see the ball quicker off the bat, and in turn am getting better information on how far it is traveling and where it will land.

Dr. Copeland has helped me to become a better baseball player by opening up my visual potential so I am no longer bound by limits I never knew I had.